Ringer T-Shirts: Sew Them Yourself

Ringer T-Shirts: Sew Them Yourself

Ringer t-shirts are a classy vintage from a few decades ago. They have been trending on and off ever since they were first introduced. 

These t-shirts got their name because of their style. Ringer t-shirts have one solid color, but it contrasts on the rim of the collar and the sleeves. You can also get your hands on ringer t-shirts wholesale, to get them screen printed. It is a great idea to start your own t-shirt brand or offer custom-printed t-shirts to buyers. Usually, the primary color of the shirt is white with black ribbing. But in more recent times, they come in heathered colors with a few tones of lighter or darker ribbing from the primary color.

Where It All Started

The first ringer t-shirts were made in the early 1950s. They were worn mainly by school-going students and athletes. Then in the 1970s, these shirts became popular. All trendy people used to wear these shirts at that time, and they were a part of the rock-and-roll subculture. They came back in trend in the 2000s. But their popularity didn’t quite reach the heights as it did in the 1970s.

Ringer Tees During The Pandemic

During the worldwide pandemic known as Covid-19, people worldwide were put into lockdown. Everyone was extremely bored as they had nothing to do. There were many hobbies that people picked up, like working out, painting, DIY, etc. One of them was also sewing. 

The trend of sewing the ringer tees is often referred to as ‘Rio Ringer T-Shirts.’ Many bloggers posted the procedure and manner of how they sewed the shirt. People made these shirts using ties and dye and patterned cloths with either white ribbing or a few tones of light or dark of the shade of the material. 

The ringer dress shirt was also introduced at this time. It was made of the same fabric one would use for a t-shirt but longer. 

The Best Ringer Tee Material

Ringer t-shirts come in tri-blend material, cotton and cotton and polyester. Tri-blend material ringer tees come in heathered colors. They have the softest touch, high durability, and excellent drape because of the fiber mix. Tri-blend is made of 50% cotton and 25% polyester and rayon, making it the finest material for all t-shirts. Cotton and cotton and polyester ringer tees come in solid colors. They, too, have a soft touch to the skin, don’t cling, and have high durability.

There is no telling which material is best for a ringer t-shirt. The materials have a different variety of colors, but the texture of the fabric is almost the same. They all are good summer casual wear. They can be worn to game practice, hanging out with friends, or if you want to dress a little but stay at home.

The New Ringer T-Shirt Style

Ringer t-shirts have recently adopted a slightly different style. It has varsity stripes rather than a contrast-colored ribbing on the sleeves. Those stripes are the same color as the ribbing on the collar. It adds a modern to touch the vintage shirt, making it trendier. The female version of the shirt also has a different collar cut. The neck is a slightly deep v-cut rather than the original round collar of the shirt. 

Even with these slight changes, the original cut of the ringer shirt is still chic and in-trend. It gives a subtle vintage look, and who doesn’t love that. The shirt can also go through screen printing. It can be worn with about anything, like all other t-shirts. From shorts to jeans, everything looks good with it. You can easily buy ringer t-shirts wholesale from many online brands.

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