Why Are Tourbillon Watches Expensive – Reasons

why are tourbillon watches expensive

A tourbillon watch is a timepiece that is often seen as being incredibly delicate and special. It is no wonder, then, that they can be quite expensive.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the reasons why tourbillon watches are so pricey, and what you can do to save money when purchasing one.

What is a Tourbillon Watch?

A tourbillon watch is a rare and expensive type of watch. It is a timepiece that has a mechanism that allows it to rotate very quickly. This rotation helps keep time accurate. The extra accuracy makes tourbillons more expensive than other types of watches.

How are Tourbillons Different from Other Watches?

Tourbillons are a type of watch that is made up of two rotating plates. The watch movement works by pulling the hands through the center of these rotating plates and this creates the illusion of time moving.

This makes tourbillons a very unique and expensive type of watch. Another reason why tourbillons are expensive is because they are often made from precious metals, such as gold or platinum.

Tourbillons are unique watches in that they use a balance wheel and escapement to create a timekeeping mechanism.

This type of watch is typically more expensive due to the complexity of the movement. Additionally, tourbillons often feature unique design features that separate them from other watches.

Why are Tourbillons So Expensive?

Tourbillons are one of the most expensive watch movements to produce. They require more precision and craftsmanship than other types of watches, which accounts for their high price tags. Additionally, tourbillons often feature intricate designs and fewer available colors than other watch movements.

A tourbillon watch is a very expensive watch. They are not only rare, but they also require a great deal of skill to create and maintain.

Their high price is due in part to the fact that tourbillons are often made of rare and valuable metals, and their intricate mechanisms require meticulous care.


The number of moving parts in a watch – specifically, the gears and wheels that drive the timekeeping mechanism – contributes significantly to its price tag.

The more intricate and finely-tuned these mechanisms are, the more costly they tend to be. And of course, the fancier the watch casing and wristband, the pricier it generally is.

Another factor that affects the price of a tourbillon watch is the materials used in its construction. Most tourbillons are composed of brass and silver, both of which are expensive to manufacture.

Furthermore, tourbillons often require more precious metals than other models to maintain their accuracy, so prices for them can be quite high.

Finally, Tourbillons are often among the most complicated watches on the market, and as such demand a high level of customer service from their manufacturers. This means that these watches can cost a lot to repair or replace if something goes wrong.


When you see a tourbillon watch, its price tag might seem like it’s beyond your budget. But don’t be scared – tourbillons are actually some of the most versatile and sophisticated timepieces on the market.

In this article, we will take a closer look at what makes these watches so special, and why they can justify their high prices. Whether you are looking for an affordable option that can still offer you precision and style or if you have an extravagant budget and want something truly unique, consider investing in a tourbillon watch.


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