Top Prizes For Guests At Baby Shower Party


Planning and executing a party is not an easy undertaking, especially when there is so much that you need to get done that something easily slips from the cracks. Usually, it’s something simple as a prize for the baby shower party games. The unfortunate incident comes from not being able to think of something useful and appropriate and forgetting about it completely till the time arises. To help you out we have listed down a few top prizes for guests at baby shower party. Something simple, sweet, and completely affordable!


Manicure Bundle – There is no need to spend a small fortune on a pre-made manicure bundle, you can easily put a few things together and tie them up with jute or wrap them up nicely to create a presentable gift. The trick here is to pick a number of budget-friendly yet presentable items and put them together yourself. Creating a baby shower appropriate gift that the receiver will be able to enjoy.



SPA Treatment – The best way to create a luxurious gift is by choosing a high-end brand, and looking for items on deals. For instance, bath and body works have amazing deals on their body wash, body spray, lotions, and so on. So why not create a lovely bunch! A great way to wrap them up is by folding a hand towel and setting them in a way you would in a bucket. Making sure the products are popping out from the top, and then just use a ribbon to secure the towel in place. This way you can offer your friends luxurious items without going overboard on your budget.


Mini Champagne – You might not be able to drink, but that should not stop others from celebrating in your name, and what a better way to celebrate than with a mini bottle of champagne. You can just add ribbons on the bottles, or go the extra mile and get custom labels printed from the local print shop. Switching them out is easy, and now you have something simple, sweet, and charming to hand out.


Teacup or Coffee Mug – An adorable teacup and saucer paired with a little box of tea leaves, set in a standard cardboard box with filling paper can look beyond amazing. Or knowing your audience you can switch the teacup with a coffee mug, and coffee sachets. Either way, this sweet little gesture will go a long way, as it offers the receiver something they can enjoy now, and in the years to come.


Candle – A scented candle goes a long way, and there is nothing better than receiving one as a gift. So rather than choosing anything extravagant, we suggest you look for a local vendor who offers custom candles and get a custom label made inspired by your baby shower. Making sure the gift receiver can enjoy their gift to the fullest, while you keep giving out appropriate gifts.



Besides the ideas above, there are other sites that compile a guide on prizes for baby shower party that can help you save time on brainstorming for recommendations. Putting these gifts together is easy and will not cost you a great deal. However, these are not the only options available – you can get anything from bath salts, picture frames, and little bouquets, to books, gift certificates and more.

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