The Best Ways to Design Your Custom Printed Gable Boxes

custom printed gable boxes

With so many brands competing in the food and bakery markets, we know we need to be different when it comes to presenting our products. Well, as a bakery brand owner, this shouldn’t be a headache for you actually. What exactly you need to do is place your products in the most attractive custom printed gable boxes. Have no single ideas about the packaging design? Let’s check out below for the best way to create your custom boxes!

Custom Gable Cake Boxes – How Do the Boxes Promote Your Products?

Before we delve into designing your boxes, you might want to know what exactly is the role custom gable cake boxes play in your business anyway. Well, perhaps you already know that these awesome boxes can help you promote your products if you design them properly. But how do these boxes work?

Customers Will Get What They See 

Whether you will like it or not, the market customers perceive your product as what they see with their eyes. Good appearance simply describes that you have good quality products. Poor appearance means you offer poor product quality. Yes, it is that easy.

When it comes to presenting delicious cakes, how you package your products impacts customer perceptions. After all, bakery products are something your customers love to have almost every day, so it makes sense. If you are still using the standard boxes to display your products, you should not expect more.

Custom Boxes Help You Increase Sales Easier and Faster

Modern customers are always attracted to purchase something unique. This is where custom boxes can help your business a lot.

If you have the right packaging boxes to impress customers’ eyes, they can rest assured that your products are exactly what they are searching for. In addition, presenting an exclusive product display makes a lot of sense when you hope to get better sales.

The Best Ways to Design Your Custom Printed Gable Boxes

Now let’s be clear.

Product packaging is just packaging, right? 

Now perhaps you are wondering why you should design your custom printed gable boxes attractively anyway. Why can’t you just order those ready-made boxes and fill them with your products?

Well, to be honest, this is not a good idea to strive for in this competitive industry. If you want to present your food or bakery products in the best possible way, you will love designing the boxes with your imaginative ideas.

In addition, designing the boxes to present your products in your brand style will help promote your business wider. Let’s check out the best ways to design your boxes!

Research the Market Trends First Before Designing Your Boxes

When designing the right boxes to attract customers in the market, it is necessary to know the current trend of the market.

For example, you need to understand better about some points such as:

  • What type of packaging design do many brands apply to their packaging boxes in the same market?
  • Which color combination drives customers to want to purchase?
  • How do other brands promote their names on boxes?
  • And other essential market trends

Learning about these market trends will let you know about what is happening in this crowded market. Once you can understand them, getting maximum attention through your boxes will only be an easy task.

Understand Better About Your Brand’s Unique Identity 

Yes, you should always consider a branding strategy when finding the best packaging design. Even if you understand the market trends, you still need to know your brand’s unique identity better. Why? In case there is an ongoing trend that doesn’t seem to fit your brand identity, you don’t need to apply it to your packaging design.

So, as you design your boxes, try asking the following questions:

  • How would you like to describe your brand to this competitive market?
  • How would you like your target market customers to see your brand image?
  • What do you think of those market customers searching from your products?

When designing your boxes, also remember to include all branding elements. All your branding elements are essential if you want your brand name to win in the market fully.

Now here are things you can do to showcase your branding elements on the boxes!

  • Apply genuine and authentic brand themes to your packaging boxes
  • Match the color of your packaging boxes with the color of your stunning brand logo
  • Include full contact details, brand history, brand tagline, and logo in a memorable way

After all, you know your business best. This is a great way to showcase your brand image as you use your creativity to design your own boxes.

Final Ideas

Those are some best ways to help you design your Custom Gable Cake Boxes. If you are ready, you can start designing with the packaging professionals at Silver Edge Packaging.

Good luck with your design!

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