7 Best Apps to Reach Your Personal Goals in 2022

7 Best Apps to Reach Your Personal Goals in 2022

The key to sticking with and ultimately achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself is accountability, according to experts. You can always ask a friend or partner to stick to your personal resolutions, or you can get them to stick with you. But sometimes even that is not enough to make new habits stick. That’s exactly where the goal and habit-tracking apps can come in handy.

These apps differ in their offerings and user experience – some are bright and stimulating, some are more minimalistic; some offer preset programming, others allow more flexibility and personalization; some are super-special and detailed, and others are more general and versatile. But they all offer quantifiable tracking tools and helpful reminders for anyone trying to stay on track to meet a personal goal. When you find one that works for you, you’ll be able to develop and maintain a pattern of healthy behavior that will turn into a stepping stone to your ultimate goal.

When we make new decisions to achieve a new outcome, “we’re effectively changing patterns in our brains that have been engraved for many years,” explains Angie Swartz, life coach and executive business coach and founder of Life Purpose Advisor. “We need to look not only at what we want, but also at what prevents us from having those things already, as well as the triggers that keep us going back to the safe, [familiar] ways we’ve always been they did.”

In addition to providing reliable accountability, Swartz adds that using the app helps “highlight the upward trajectory, which gives us the motivation to keep going.” It’s great to see your progress so you can keep going. To get your own personal motivational coach in the palm of your hand, try one of these great habit-tracking apps.

1. Self-Care Day Planner: Journy

Journy allows you to follow leaders from around the world and helps you choose goals that fit well with your lifestyle in various areas such as Fitness, Finance, Mindset, Career, Relationships and Character Development. Engage in modules that work better for you. Think your way through the obstacles and come out rebuilding like a champion. Take notes to help yourself and improve your traits every step of the way.

Key properties:

  • Track different habits and reworked tasks or goals, each on their own schedule.
  • Fully customizable targets like how many times every day/week/month, only on certain days of the week and so on. For example, 50 pull-ups every Monday to Friday, going to the gym twice a week, or even at regular intervals.
  • Inspirational quotes to keep you going – including real quotes from individuals who have done it (meditation, surfing, quitting drinking, quitting smoking, quitting socializing, etc.).
  • Regular Reminder – on many occasions every day, recurring at a time span, sound and vibration at your discretion.

2. If you like data: Habit-Bull

Use HabitBull to track and monitor up to five separate personalized goals (for free – or unlock more features with a premium subscription). Set deadlines, write down commitments, get handy reminders and enter the number of goals per week (eg I go to journal three times a week in the morning). You may even have memories of elementary school star charts with their fun visual feedback of green (success!) versus yellow and red dots. HabitBull’s customizable approach to breaking down tasks is a data-rich analyst’s dream that works wonders for motivation. Best of all, get notifications every day with motivational quotes to boost your mindset.

3. If you want something that can do it all: Strides

With super easy navigation and a clean design, Strides is a partner for accountability in the palm of your hand. Categorize and track your goals in four different ways, from completing deadline-driven projects to tracking habits and behaviors. Organize your tasks into subtopics such as health, money, hobbies, or relationships. If you are easily self-motivated and looking for more accountability, this app is for you.

4. If you’re a minimalist: Habitify

Inspired by bullet journaling (but better), this straightforward habit-tracking app keeps you on track with up to three habits without the frills or fuss. Organize your goals into categories (finance, health and productivity), record your growth and track your progress. It also offers a community option that allows you to join interest groups, follow discussions and even get tips and ideas from other users.

5. If you tend to procrastinate: Done

Done isn’t just a good-looking app, it actually helps you do something. This app is designed to help you succeed with eye-catching (and super satisfying) color coordination. Whether you struggle with time management, focus on tasks, or staying organized, Done holds you accountable by tracking up to three goals, showing monthly and yearly progress reports, and highlighting your accomplishments.

6. If your goals are focused on self-care: Fabulous

The Fabulous app is especially useful for tracking your self-care intentions. This app keeps you accountable by keeping you focused on the journey to your goal, breaking bigger goals down into smaller steps, and ultimately building good, sustainable habits over time. In addition to helping you tackle unique personal goals app, it offers pre-set reminders for essential habits (from drinking water to reading) and ready-made self-care routines, including short meditations and exercises. If you need to boost your confidence and are ready to get into good habits, definitely give this app a try.

7. If You Need Tough Love: Beeminder

Beeminder encourages you to put your money where your mouth is by setting your goals (anything quantifiable), making a monetary pledge of leverage (say $5) and reporting your progress in the app, which then tracks your progress via giving. points on the “Yellow Brick Road” toward success. If your data is off and you’re falling behind? They will charge you what you promised. If you’re someone who likes deadlines, and binding contracts, or just can’t bring yourself to stick to your goals, this app is for you.

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