Qualifacts CareLogic Vs. Sammy EHR: Which EMR Software Will You Choose?

Qualifacts CareLogic

Qualifacts CareLogic & its Overview:

Qualifacts CareLogic is a HIPPA compliant Electronic Health Records (EHR) software. It is designed specifically for mental, behavioral health, and human service organizations. CareLogic is an integrated EHR software solution that empowers healthcare practitioners with a suite of clinical, financial, and administrative capabilities. Henceforth, it also includes intake, scheduling, service documentation, treatment planning, e-prescription, billing, reporting, and consumer engagement.

By using various clinical integrations designed to extend service reach and depth, CareLogic EHR may provide better client outcomes. Along with enhancing staff efficiency as it is integrable with workflows.

Qualifacts CareLogic is a software suite with ONC-ATCB certification. It includes psychology, psychiatry, counseling, therapy, substance abuse, and more.

CareLogic supports outpatient, mobile, residential, community, and inpatient settings. Henceforth, it comprises a rule-based validation engine to grasp errors in real time.


Qualifacts CareLogic Features:

Performance Dashboards:

You can identify areas of improvement and enhance productivity by sharing real-time insights across teams.


Custom Forms:

To collect organization-specific documentation CareLogic supports customized workflows.


Interdisciplinary Treatment Plan:

The use of a streamlined, high-flexibility treatment plan workflow helps improve staff productivity.


Outcomes Management:

Qualifacts CareLogic provides a better client outcome with it integrated, comprehensive screening, assessment, and outcome instruments.


Clinical Quality Measures Reporting:

CareLogic EHR offers Clinical Quality Measure (CQM) dashboards and reports to enhance improvements in patient care and outcomes.


Qualifacts CareLogic Pricing:

Qualifacts CareLogic pricing is not disclosed on the vendor website. You need to contact the vendor to get a pricing plan that is suitable to your practice needs.

You can request a CareLogic demo to assess the software. You can get insights into the how adopting CareLogic can be beneficial for your practice.


Qualifacts CareLogic Reviews

Qualifacts CareLogic reviews are mostly positive. Henceforth, some of Qualifacts CareLogic pros, according to its users, are:

  • Qualifacts CareLogic is easy to use and easy to navigate software.
  • The software is highly configurable.
  • It provides a lot of option s for customization.

Some of CareLogic cons, according to its users, are:

  • CareLogic offers a limited reporting feature.
  • It takes a lot of time to roll over new updates.
  • The app freezes frequently.


Sammy EHR & its Details:

Sammy EHR is a HIPPA and Meaningful Use compliant, cloud-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) software suite. It is a software solution that assists medical facilities manage billing and patient records. Henceforth, Its main features include a patient portal, practice management, claims submissions, and automated payment posting. Practitioners can easily:

gather patient’s medical information,

prepare an initial medical chart,

verify their insurance eligibility before they schedule the appointment, with its demographic entry feature.

Sammy’s patient portal provides patients access to their medical history, and schedule visits with the physician. Along with viewing their lab reports and other related information. Sammy allows you to keep track of all entered, modified, and/or deleted data using the audit log. Its security area is accessible to security administrators.

Sammy with an experience of 30 years was designed for podiatry practices. It is a specialty-specific EHR that helps podiatrists beat all challenges coming their way. Sammy is a comprehensive EHR software package that aids in running the most efficient medical practice.


Sammy EHR Features:


The charting feature is used for recording and analyzing patients’ medical history and current status. Physicians, nurses, healthcare providers, and patients, all can access the information collected via charts. Henceforth, the charts are like a legal record of your patient care practice. These charts allow practitioners to identify problems, track progress, and make changes based on their findings.


Appointment Scheduling:

Sammy EHR App is a great way to ensure all your patient appointment schedules at one place. Henceforth, the app integrates with Google Calendar to get a seamless patient scheduling experience and keep track of all appointments in one place!



E-prescriptions are a secure and safe way to deliver prescriptions as they are encrypted before leaving your system. Henceforth, the pharmacist can verify it before filling it in at the pharmacy on their mobile devices or desktop computers once they receive an e-prescription.


Compliance Tracking:

Practitioners can track patient compliance with treatment plans as well as monitor health metrics with its Compliance tracking feature. Henceforth, all this information can be viewed on a graph that shows the number of days compliance has been met or missed.


Self-Service Portal:

Sammy EHR self-service portal allows you to view your medical records. All your test results, doctor’s notes, and coming appointments can be available for your viewing. You can also make new appointments through this feature. It allows you to choose any time of the week and/ or day that works best for you. Moreover, you can also pay your bills through the self-service portal.


Sammy EHR Pricing:

Sammy pricing plans start at $359/ month per user. Contact the vendor to get more pricing details.

You can get a Sammy demo to check if the software is suitable for your practice needs or not.

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Sammy EHR Reviews:

Sammy reviews are mostly positive on most sites. Some of Sammy EHR pros, according to its users, are:

  • Sammy software suite is very easy to use.
  • It saves a lot of time while processing claims payments.
  • Sammy EHR’s support team is very attentive.

Some of Sammy EHR cons, according to its users, are:

  • Built-in templates are limited, take a lot of time in template preparation.
  • Sammy offers limited integration options, as the system is not compatible with a lot of software.


Qualifacts CareLogic Vs. Sammy EHR — Concluding Remarks:

Qualifacts Carelogic EHR and Sammy EHR are both popular EHR and practice management software.

Qualifacts CareLogic Software suite is best for appointment management, charting, and e-prescription. Henceforth, Sammy EHR provides the best appointment management, Patient portal, Voice Recognition charting, and e-prescription.

In this article, henceforth we have discussed features, pricing, demos, and reviews of both Qualifacts CareLogic and Sammy EHR software. By reading this article you can make a decision based on your professional requirements. But pricing, demos, and user reviews can be the deciding factors in making a decision.

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