Wholesale Patches

Wholesale Custom Patches

Patches are a great way of adding personality and flair to your apparel, accessories, and other items. Not only do they provide an individualized appearance to your clothes, but they are also essential when it comes to brand promotion. Houston Embroidery Service provides a wide array of wholesale patches at reasonable prices. They come in different styles such as custom embroidery, faux leather, real leather, chenille, twill, and printed patches. The backing of the patches is available in various types like iron on, Velcro, plastic, and sew on. Furthermore, the borders of the patches are offered in several designs like merrowed, hot-cut edge, laser cut edge, satin stitch, and embroidered edge.Wholesale Custom Patches

Buying wholesale patches from Houston Embroidery Service is beneficial as it is cost-efficient as the price per unit is lower when purchased in bulk. Moreover, they provide a diverse selection of different patch sizes and designs. Furthermore, the delivery of the patches is fast and efficient. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Houston Embroidery Service and get your custom wholesale patches at economical rates. The usage of social media has grown rapidly in recent times. It has become a part of everyday life for many, with people engaging in it on a regular basis. It has become an integral component of the way people communicate and interact with each other. Nowadays, one can find that social media is utilized in various different ways, from sharing pictures and messages to marketing products and services. As a result, its importance in society is undeniable.


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