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Free Baidu Account Username and Password

If you still find it difficult to create a Baidu account from my previous tutorial with the Dupseaker app, avoid the stress and log in with this Baidu username and password.

Disclaimer!! Please note that this account was created for educational and research purposes whatever you do with it has nothing to do with Samtutorials.

Baidu login username and password





Now that you have the Baidu username and password remember you can’t log in without an OTP that’s why you need me.

How to download with the Baidu username and password

Download Baidu netdisk on your PC, you can also download it on your iOS or Android device but, it a bit complicated unless you understand Chinese.

input the username and password as seen in the image below:

Now click on get OTP.

Don’t worry I am always available all you need is a little patient you will surely get the OTP, guess what? You might be lucky who knows ?. Leave a comment on this post or use the contact page.

Note! This account support you to download any file from Baidu cloud storage, as you know it a shared account so please do not change or upload anything to the storage so others can benefit


One account for all, if you need a personal account you can create one yourself from here ?

You can keep the account if you won’t just make it available to others always remember you need an OTP to use this account Request for OTP

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34 responses to “Free Baidu Account Username and Password”

  1. Claus Avatar

    Was really difficult to find a way to download the OS of My Chinese tablet from pan Baidu, this was the best since this guy give You access to an account.

  2. sonia law Avatar
    sonia law

    successful, thank you

  3. M sani Avatar
    M sani

    thanks you sir is work

  4. Ruatna Avatar

    This work, thanks so much sir

  5. Bernd Avatar

    Thank you very much! Works perfect!

  6. Kamonchanok Avatar

    This is work, Thank you so much ?

  7. Fe Avatar

    This totally work perfectly!, Thank you so much Samuel for helping me 🙂

  8. b52 Avatar

    Let me tell everyone that this is true and effective, and the author is a kind and enthusiastic person. Thank him for helping me. May God bless him. Amen!

  9. Milu Avatar

    This actually works !!!!!
    Thanxxx a lot Samuel.

  10. ica Avatar

    this still works. thanks!

  11. Mostafa Shahriar Kabir Avatar
    Mostafa Shahriar Kabir

    This works, and the admin has patience. You just have to trust.

  12. Paolo Snaldome Avatar
    Paolo Snaldome

    Thank you very much and thanks for the help!

  13. Gianna Avatar

    THIS IS THE BEST THING THAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED TO ME. Samuel is amazingly patient, understood all of my issues and I had a lot!! He explained everything to be so well, I am so impressed by his motivation to help others with their baidu issues. He is a true hero, and I am not exaggerating. Thank you, Samuel for being an amazing human being with a heart of gold!

  14. HellScythe Avatar

    Thank you very much.. this still works and admin kind and very patience? u just have to patient waiting admin get otp

  15. Ameet Ambawale Avatar
    Ameet Ambawale

    This works !!!!!
    Thanxx a lot Samuel.

  16. Ameet Ambawale Avatar
    Ameet Ambawale

    This actually works !!!!!
    Thanx Samuel.

  17. Karl Avatar

    Hi, could you create a Tieba Baidu Account ?
    And please send me the Password, the Account name and the rest of the other details on my Gmail. Thank you

    1. Muideen Samuel Avatar

      All you need is a baidu account… this tutorial will guide you on how to create your personal baidu account with your phone number

  18. Mateusz Avatar

    Very helpful website. Thank you!

  19. Cris Avatar

    10/10 the only link that works Thaaank you ! In 10 minutes he granted me access to the account. This really is a life saver !

  20. aris Avatar

    thank you very much, this works!
    thanks samuel, you are a good person.

  21. brabra Avatar

    Thank you very much , Samuel! This works properly!

  22. Sebastian Avatar

    Perfect support of Sam. Still working fine.
    Well done.

  23. Ivan Avatar

    It worked! Thanks!

  24. Jacob Avatar

    I was about to give up on using Baidu, then I found this page…

    Thank you again for the help Sam. You saved me!

  25. Saraw Avatar

    It works in Feb 2022. Thank you very much

  26. SK Avatar

    thank you so much bro this guy helped me a lot replied to me on messenger within 5 minutes and was online for the entire time till i figured out how to use it super supportive guy awesome work appreciate it

  27. Hamza Avatar

    Thanks bro u r very kind
    He gave id and password otp
    Big love from Pakistan
    100 percent working
    Thanks again

  28. Sohel Avatar

    Very nice and quick response for sharing otp, thanks Muideen ?

  29. winson Avatar

    it’s really workkk

  30. Nabeel Avatar

    Its still working (09 June 2022) and Sam replies quite quick to get the OTP

  31. diyarnarumov Avatar

    thanks you it is work

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