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Are you finding it hard to download files on in 2020? I have added a new trick to download large files on Baidu perfectly working.

Have you been in a situation of downloading a file on Baidu and you are not from China or you live outside China? I know how difficult this could be when you don’t have an account on Baidu, creating an account on Baidu can be as tough as hell since the platform makes it necessary you own a Chinese phone number for verification.

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In this tutorial, I will show you how you can download large files and as many more on Baidu without an account or having to install the PC client on your computer.

If you drop your download link in the comment section, make sure to click on follow comment to get a notification when your file is available.Click here to Create your Baidu account



  • Google translate addon for chrome (since you don’t speak or read Chinese you need a translator to help you with that)
  • Google Chrome browser
  • Internets download manager
  • Tampermonkey Beta: this addon helps you with the manipulation of pages with the help of a script
  • Costnow Script: also used to manipulate pages.


  • If you don’t have chrome browser on your PC you can download from here
  • Open your chrome browser and click on menu buttonmore toolsextension and toggle on the developer mode (located at the top right bar)
  • Now go to chrome extension web store to install the required addons for the task
  • Search and install Tampermonkey Beta
  • After installation of Tampermonkey Beta click on the tampermonkey beta icon located at the top right corner of your browser
  • Click on create new script, clear the default code and paste the code below into the editor section and click on save.
// ==UserScript== // @name 解决百度云大文件下载限制 (路人添加版) // @namespace undefined // @version 0.0.6+ // @description 一行代码,解决百度云大文件下载限制 // @author 原作者:funianwuxin // @match *://* // @match *://* // @match *://* // @match *://* // @run-at document-start // @grant none // ==/UserScript== /* jshint -W097 */ ‘use strict’; Object.defineProperty(Object.getPrototypeOf(navigator),’platform’,{get:function(){return ‘sb_baidu’;}}) (function(){ var href=location.href; /http:/.test(href)?location.href=’https’+href.slice(4):0; }()); Click here to download Script
  • You must have installed the google translate and internet download manager

How To Use Google Translate On Baidu Site

After your successful installation of the addon, visit the Baidu page you want to download from, click on the google translate icon and click on translate this page, wait for some seconds for the page to be translated to English.

On the Baidu page, select the file you would like to download, finish the captcha verification process and you are good to go.

Use Of Internet Download Manager

The internet download manager addon serves as your download client since you don’t have a Baidu account to download with.

If this tutorial is not working for you, please drop your download link in the comment box or follow this link to create your Baidu accountClick here to Create your Baidu account
Useful Links

If The Above Trick Did Not Work Try This Method

Recently the above trick to download on Baidu stopped working, so I have come up with a new trick that is perfectly working

Follow the previous step to integrate the Baidu script in tampermonkey or better still install the script from Greasy Fork

Now visit your preferred file link and try to download. You might be asked to fill captcha multiple times so keep trying and it will start downloading.

Still Can’t Download?

Click Here To Create Baidu Account with Your Local Number

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  1. Hi,

    first: thanks for your work.
    Second: is this still working? If yes, how can i install the script correctly? i have idm, tampermonky and the “script” but i can’t seem to get the download link for/with idm


    • Hello Gustav
      Please take a look at the image in this post to confirm if you installed the tampermonkey script correctly, and concerning the download link for idm. If you use the idm add-on for chrome? It is expected to fetch the the link automatically. But, if you installed it directly on your PC I recommend you copy the download link and past it manually.

      Thanks for the visit.

      • Thanks for you answer.

        So i got the idm integration module extension for chrome and the script in tampermonkey. the problem is that when i click the downlaod button and enter the captcha, it just tells me to download the netdisk client and prompts me to download it with idm.

          • Hi,

            First of all many thanks for your Job.

            I have the same problem as gustav, after i click download, the website request me to install the netdisk client. I got the netdisk as you sugggest but i’m unable to download the file.

            I have installed the Internet download manager and the idm addon on chrome browser.

            Thanks for any help in advance.


  2. Hi – I reach the baidu page. Yhe problem is that when i click the download button and enter the captcha, It just tells me to download the netdisk client or open with YunDetectService. How do I proceed from here?

  3. Hi – So i got the IDM integration module extension for chrome and the script in tampermonkey. the problem is that when i click the download button and enter the captcha, it just tells me to download the netdisk client. How can this be fixed?

  4. Tried this as of 22 February 2020, the “updated” script and all. Tried for almost an hour.

    Question to you Sam, have you successfully downloaded a file from Baidu using your method? Every single comment have explicitly stated this doesn’t work. Here’s a file I’ve been trying to download. If you successfully download this and upload to a google drive for me to download, people might actually believe this works.

  5. I have tried all the methods above and it does not work. It keeps asking me to install baidu netdisk, which I did, but of course without a baidu account (because I have no Chinese cell phone number to register one), I still doesn’t work. I think all the people commented above have the exact same problem which hasn’t fixed yet, either updated or not.

  6. Hi Muideen.
    I am following the new tutorial but I cannot create it because it does not accept Spanish telephones.
    I need a file to recover my terminal, I could download it and send it to my email, I would appreciate it. Thank you

  7. thanks friend, but it did not work, neither this, nor the other option of the duspeaker …

    I resigned myself, a whole day trying to get that file out of the Chinese and I couldn’t, just thanks.

  8. Hey man, thaks for sharing
    I already have baidu account but idk why when I verifying my account via SMS
    I’m not recieving any SMS from baidu
    I got my account around 2 years ago and it works fine for almost 1 year

    so do you have any solution without login to the baidu website?

  9. Hi Sam, Many many thanks for your tutorial. I was successfully able to download files on Baidu by following your way to create Baidu account. You are awesome! Again, thank you so much for all your time to work this out.

  10. Hey there Samuel! How are you? Despite my efforts of following your guides on how to create an account and how to download, I could achieve nothing 🙁 Nothing is working for me.. So may I ask if you can download it for me, and reupload it somewhere else? It’s just 417MB. I’ll buy you a coffee 😉 Thank you.

    Link ->
    Psw -> ksin

  11. I have an account but I want to download without using the client. How can I do that? I’ve followed what I could from the article and it did not work.

  12. Hi i cant download 10mb file , i tried all here and i tried with Duspeaker app but not received the sms why can happen this?

  13. hola Muideen, muchas gracias por tu publicacion, pero no he podido lograr descargar el archivo con ninguno de los 2 metodos,el segundo porque ahora no admite numeros que no sean de china.he estado intentándolo durante varios dias y parece que van modificando su sistema constantemente..te agradecería mucho si puedes descargar este archivo por mi.ya no se que mas hacer para poder descargarlo.
    muchas gracias estaré atento a cualquier nuevo método que publiques
    pass: ew18


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